Child Injury

It is a parent’s natural instinct to protect their children and they also know that minor accidents and injuries are part of life. However, when a serious accident or incident causes a significant injury to your child, there is almost nothing more distressing, worrisome or concerning, especially if you know that the harm could have been prevented.
If your child is hurt and you think that negligence was involved, talking to Sarkis Law can help you determine whether you need to pursue legal action. Further, if you have a personal injury or wrongful death of a child, you can trust that Sarkis Law represents families that have been involved in:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries and premise liability cases
  • School injuries
  • Playground accidents attributed to unsafe conditions, equipment failure and other negligence
  • Day care injuries sustained at day care centers and preschools
  • Car accidents involving children
  • Dog bites involving children
  • Medical malpractice cases involving emergency room visits, diagnostic errors or surgical procedures
  • Defective and dangerous products that cause injury to children