Construction and Scaffold Injuries

Trying to resolve financial, medical, and lifestyle changes because a workplace injury can be challenging let alone frightening. If you or a loved one has been hurt on a construction site, you may be struggling to get your lives back on track.

Construction site injuries caused by dangerous scaffolds, ladders and lifts may entitle you to file a separate personal injury (other than a workers compensation) claim to cover finances and pain and suffering. This claim should only be filed with the help of a qualified attorney and Sarkis Law not only provides you with skilled advocates but strong advisors on what the law says about your case and helps you pursue appropriate legal recourse if you have had:

  • A fall on the job site
  • An injury from a falling object
  • A scaffold or ladder collapsing
  • A serious construction or demolition accident
  • Catastrophic injury such as paralysis, brain injury or loss of limb, or wrongful death
  • Harm from a dangerous or defective industrial product