Defective Product Injuries

Sometimes manufacturers place products in the marketplace knowing they are dangerous. Product related injuries are more common that people think. Manufacturers have a duty to make their products safe for consumers who use them. Product liability cases are one of the most contentious personal injury cases. If you are injured from a dangerous or defective product, Melanie is experienced in the complexities of these cases.


Product Liability

While our country has numerous product safety laws and regulations as well as agencies that oversee them, the fact is that on a daily basis many adults and children are injured and even killed by defective and dangerous products. There are a number of factors; poor design, dangerous contents, improper warnings and inadequate labeling and more that can contribute to these injuries. Those that manufacture and market such products can be held liable for injuries. Sarkis Law knows how to navigate these complex cases to protect you work when you’ve suffered injury from:

  • Consumer products
  • Products for children and infants such as car seats and toys
  • Cars and automotive products
  • Industrial and manufacturing machinery and tools
  • Building materials and construction materials
  • Food products and health supplements